How much credit do I get at 1800 USD?

Your individual creditworthiness, the income available to pay the monthly loan installment, whether you are dependent on one person or several people and, last but not least, the different lending guidelines of the banks.

Unfortunately, no bank publishes the guidelines according to which lending takes place.

Therefore, it is not possible to precisely determine the expected maximum loan amount in advance.

How much credit can I afford with 1800 USD?

How much credit can I afford with 1800 net?

This question is about the maximum loan amount from your point of view. The bank is not yet involved in answering this question.

The financial scope for borrowing is determined using a household account.

All regular income is compared to expenditure. The difference indicates how much income is available to pay the loan installment.

With automatic household calculators from the internet, the freely disposable income can be estimated quickly and easily.

When you visit the website, you can enter your individual data and automatically calculate the freely disposable income.

Tips for the household calculator:

The computer allows information to be entered separately for a second person. This procedure can be useful if the second person also has income and or different costs arise from maintenance obligations, for example.

If you are planning a joint loan application with your spouse or partner, your monthly USD income is decisive.

Only enter the regular income. One-off benefits, such as special commissions, Christmas bonuses or vacation bonuses, should not be considered for your internal considerations.

Some banks accept child benefit as income. However, other government benefits are not accepted.

Set your expenses realistically and not too low. Convert costs that occur at longer intervals (e.g. insurance premiums) to the month.

After you have completed the household calculation, you will know the free income available to pay the monthly loan installment.

An important check is carried out in the next step. It is about the monthly income which is subject to the attachment.

The garnishable income is derived from the current garnishment table.

The screenshot shows that currently $ 441.99 per month are subject to attachment if there are no maintenance obligations.

In the case of a person who is subject to maintenance, it is still $ 88.92 and for two persons who are subject to maintenance, nothing is attachable.

Banks do not rely solely on attachable income. Even with installment loans at your disposal, it is not necessary that the entire monthly installment can be shown from the attachable share of the USD salary.

From the outset, the granting of a consumer loan will only be possible if there is no appreciable attachable income at all.

For you, however, the information from the attachment table is an alarm signal. If your family income is 1,800 USD USD and there is a dependent child, you should be careful with borrowing.

The loan rate should not be much higher than the attachable amount of around 120 USD per month.

The legislator sets the garnishment-free amount so that the subsistence level can be considered secured.

If significant parts of it are used to pay for extraordinary burdens such as loan installments, basic care may no longer be guaranteed.

That is exactly the situation that can lead to the debt trap.

A rule of thumb that is sometimes used by banks is based on a percentage of the USD salary.

Real estate finance is sometimes assumed to be 40%. If the usual installment loans are taken out, this percentage is significantly lower. For example, the rate should not be more than 20% of USD income.

At 1800 USD USD, this is 360 USD per month. Such an amount can easily be presented if they are single and have no maintenance obligations.

How much credit at 1800 USD USD?

How much credit at 1800 USD net?

Now it’s about the maximum loan amount that is possible with a certain monthly loan rate.

These are abstract calculations. This does not say what loan amounts the bank will actually issue after a specific loan application.

The calculated maximum loan amount is determined by three characteristics:

  • the rate amount,
  • the effective annual interest rate and
  • the loan term.

For the exemplary calculations, we assume a monthly rate of USD 360 and USD 120.

The effective annual interest rate depends on the economic and personal creditworthiness of the applicant.

The average interest rates are currently 4.6% with terms up to and including 60 months. If the terms are longer, the average interest rate is 6.79%.

The current average interest rates are contained in a PDF document published by the Cream bank. 

The table shows how the costs behave in relation to the term. As the term increases, the total costs increase significantly.

Therefore, the shortest possible term should be aimed for. As the examples also show, this is not easily possible.

The loan term should always be in a healthy relationship to the expected useful life of the financed item.

For example, if a new car is externally financed, the expected useful life will usually be five to seven years. The term should be selected accordingly.

Credit at 1800 USD: the bank’s approach

Credit at 1800 net: the bank

The sample calculations are based on your own considerations. They determine how much freely disposable income is available each month that can be used to pay off the credit installment.

Then estimate the maximum loan amount for certain terms using average interest rates.

However, banks determine the maximum loan amount on the basis of internal lending guidelines, which do not have to match the calculation method proposed here.

Some credit institutions determine the disposable income based on the information on income and assets that they provide in the loan request.

Other banks use lump sums for housekeeping costs in addition or instead.

For example, 800 USD are set for the first person in a household and 200 USD for each additional person. In addition, there are special expenses such as housing costs, installments for advance loans or mobility costs.

In addition, abstract credit limits can be set for certain types of credit. For example, installment loans for free use without a specific purpose are only granted in the amount of ten times a USD monthly salary.

At 1800 USD USD this would be, for example, 18,000 USD.

Overdraft facilities are often granted in the amount of twice the monthly receipt of money in the account.

When it comes to home loans for owner-occupied real estate, completely different lending requirements can apply.

In addition to the type of loan and the calculation method for freely disposable income, your personal credit rating plays a decisive role.

It means the score. It is determined by credit reporting agencies using different methods. The best-known score is that of Credit bureau.

Personal creditworthiness is decisive, whether, in what amount and at what interest rate loans are granted.


Borrowers can roughly estimate how high the loan amount could possibly be. However, exact information is not possible.

With a borrower’s income of 1,800 USD, the first bank may approve USD 20,000 for longer terms, provided the applicant has no maintenance obligations.

Another bank may only give 15,000 USD.

Credit comparison creates clarity

Credit comparison creates clarity

That is why you cannot avoid making specific loan applications in order to clarify the actual loan amount.

The best and easiest way to find out what the chances are of getting a loan with a certain amount is to use a comparison portal.

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